PhishZone Free
Phishing attack training service
  • Secure staff checks for susceptibility to phishing attacks
  • Prepared templates and use-cases ready to be applied
  • Automated information gathering for further analysis of staff behaviour
Launch ready-made attack drills without additional configurations.
Automate the process of assessing the user’s degree of vulnerability to phishing mailings.
Create unlimited of mailings for any number of recipients.

Why use it

Newsletter automation
Create a newsletter in advance and run it on a schedule. Avoid mail server overload by configuring the rate of sending letters.
Analysis of user activity
Newsletter results are available as detailed reports. You can easily track which users are most likely to fall for phishing attacks.
Ready-made scripts
The templates are based on the latest tricks used by cybercriminals, these mailings take just 15 minutes to launch.

Who benefits from this tool

Cybersecurity experts
PhishZone help identify users who lack the knowledge about digital threats, and brief them on the rules of security.
  • Determine risks associated with successful phishing attacks
  • Quick response to real threats posed by social engineering
  • Improve user cyber literacy
IT specialists
The tool automates tasks for ensuring email security.
  • Checking the functionality of in‑house email systems 
  • Identify the type and version of the software used by the client 
  • Quick assessment of risks connected with phishing
C-suite executives
The service helps reduce business risks connected with possible phishing attacks.
  • Identify groups of risk 
  • Develop skills to correctly respond to phishing 
  • Teach new staff through a clear demonstration of threats

How it works

  • Select a use-case scenario

  • Choose recipients

  • Send a test letter to check that everything works

  • Launch the mailing

  • Analyse the results

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